Greet the guest,
we’ll do the rest.

With Envoy, it’s simple to collect visitors’ contact information, capture their photos and have them sign legal documents—all
on the iPad.

Instant notifications

Save time with instant host notifications that alert employees when their visitors arrive.

Legal document signing

With Envoy, visitors sign all required legal documents directly on the iPad during sign-in.

Quick badge printing

Automatically print custom visitor badges that help you distinguish visitors from employees.

Visitor pre-registration

Use pre-registration to send custom invite emails, alert your team of VIPs and speed up sign-in.

How can Envoy help you work smarter?

Streamline visitor sign-in

When you automate manual tasks like filling out legal paperwork, alerting employees or creating badges, everybody wins.

Make a better first impression

Using a modern sign-in solution is an unexpected way to wow visitors with a powerful, tech-forward first impression.

Know who’s in the building

Custom visitor badges make it easy to see who’s authorized, and the real-time dashboard always shows who’s signed in.

Go from easy to effortless with Envoy Passport

Invite and manage visitors

If your company uses Envoy, you can invite visitors, view your visitor history and more—right from your phone.

Set notification preferences

With Passport in your pocket, you can easily choose how you’d like to be notified when visitors arrive.

Make sign-in even easier

Skip the typing and sign in with just a tap at any office that uses Envoy. Plus, collect a sharable stamp for each visit


“Envoy was up and running at POPSUGAR’s three offices within days. It’s clear the team at Envoy has thought about the entire experience, from setup to finish.”

jorn Pave, Senior Director of Information Technology